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Automotive Paints

Bodyshops across the globe, seeking premium paint performance, look to Sikkens vehicle refinishes system for a strong and sustainable future. The concept "Creating Together" enables us to work with our customers to accelerate the development of innovative premium products, efficient processes and produce a complete vehicle refinishes system.
This partnership approach gives our customers the competitive edge, and is the foundation of our brand’s high performance and success.

Perfect color match, metallic control and sprayability.
Autobase Plus Ready Mixed basecoat provides excellent coverage, metallic control and sprayability when used to duplicate OEM solid, metallic and pearl color effects. Must be used with a Sikkens clearcoat to provide protection from the environment. The superior choice to achieve optimal color match.

The ultimate waterborne basecoat Sikkens Autowave is a high performance waterborne basecoat system, utilizing the latest VOC compliant Sikkens waterborne technology.
Waterborne basecoat provides excellent coverage, metallic control and sprayability when duplicating OEM solid, metallic and pearl effect colors. Must be used with a specific Sikkens clearcoat to provide protection from the environment. The superior choice to achieve an optimum color match.

Superior clearcoat for all repairs and application conditions.
Two-pack VOC compliant clearcoat consisting of three clearcoats, one dedicated hardener, three reducers and one accelerator, designed for optimum application properties. This product covers all sizes of repairs at optimum quality levels under all application conditions. Ensures a very robust and reliable product performance combined with a high gloss level on Sikkens Autowave.

Setting the new standard in undercoats Sikkens Colorbuild Plus is a multi-functional colored primer system that can be used for both sanding and non-sanding applications. You need only one primer system for any kind of repair. The right spraying mix is easy to achieve with the range of Sikkens European VOC compliant ancillary products.

Automotive Paints

Lesonal Basecoat SB has been developed using the latest pigment and binder technology, giving legendary color accuracy, excellent spray characteristics and spot repair ability. You can achieve thousands of solid, metallic, xyrallics, and pearl colors from a limited number of tinters.

Lesonal primers are simple to use, fast drying and have a long pot life. A choice of high build, conventional and wet-on-wet primers allows you to select the best primer for the job. Our primers will save you preparation time and are easy to sand.

How you finish a paint job is just as important as to how you start it. So finish it with Lesonal Clears. They are easy to spray and give you a durable, high-gloss finish that’s second to none. With Lesonal’s fast application and flash times, painters spend less time in the booth, which increases productivity on every car that goes through your shop.

Automotive Paints

Lusid is proud to be a leading supplier of the Fleet and Transportation Industry. Our range of Northstar product lines include 100% polyurethane coats which provide outstanding durability, high gloss and longevity for fleet owners. Lusid’s easy to use, low VOC technology has led to an increased penetration into highly regulated markets.
The traditional market has continually failed to meet the needs of the light industrial customer. These large-volume users are reluctant to pay the high prices of traditional automotive paint manufacturers, but need the technology typically unavailable for industrial coatings manufacturers. The Northstar product line fills that gap perfectly, offering automotive color and technology at very competitive prices. We are meticulous in working closely with our customers to satisfy every requirement.
High Grade Polyurethane topcoat offering outstanding gloss, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and long lasting durability

High Quality Polyurethane topcoat with Super Anti Sag properties. The product was designed to be applied with airless, air assist, pressure pot or conventional application to very high film builds.

928 is Lusids Flagship Polyurethane Topcoat. Developed for Bus, Truck, and Rail industries along with a host of other applications.

935 is a medium solids premium grade polyurethane topcoat. It offers outstanding coverage, chemical resistance and gloss retentions.

150 is a signal stage coating that can be used in 1k applications. It is a medium solids modified acrylic. It offers outstanding gloss together with fast dry times. It suits many industries including OEM Agricultural equipment, light industrial and automotive.

Automotive Paints

Unique, top quality custom paints with sharp, vivid colours – the House Of Kolor trademark. There are plenty of pretenders but only House Of Kolor is the real deal and undoubtedly, the choice of top show cars around Australia.
Each and every custom product in the House Of Kolor range has been developed and manufactured by House Of Kolor. And that’s why you won’t see these high-calibre products anywhere else, under any other name.

Most custom paint finishes will fall into one of the following categories:

This is a great way to create a unique paint job without blowing the budget, making it perfect for street cars. House Of Kolor products enable you to use an existing paint finish as the base for an exciting new colour scheme. This saves the time and expense of painting the engine bay, boot and doorjambs, etc.
Clever design work and creative use of colour can add a special effect to just a few sections or transform the whole car – especially if a new body kit and wheels are being added. A special effect overlay should only be used over new or good condition paint and bodywork. Expect pricing to range between $4,000 to $6,000 complete.
Paint cost represents 25% – 30% of the total job.

This is the real deal. If you’re looking to completely change the colour of a car or you are aiming for a “showcar” quality paint job, a bare metal respray is the way to go. Design and colour options are literally endless for a bare metal respray, but it’s important to realise at the outset of the project that a painter’s skill plays an enormous role in the outcome. You should also remember that high quality custom resprays will always be expensive and that the price of House Of Kolor paint is often not much more than many other high quality smash repair/refinish paints.
For street cars, expect pricing to range between $6,000 to $12,000 depending on extent of bodywork repairs and detail required. And if you are building a full on show car with extensive bodywork or customising it won’t be hard to spend at least $15,000 and upwards.
For more information visit http://www.houseofkolor.com.au